26 July 2021

    Distribution of food and health packages among families covered by the institute, on the occasion of Eid Ghadir

    On the day of Ghadir, and on the days of Eid al-Adha With the help of members of the Hora…
    6 May 2021

    Distribution of food dams for covered households in Ramadan 2021

    During the holy month of Ramadan in 2021, 30 food baskets were prepared and distributed among 30 families under the…
    16 March 2021

    Providing clothing for 92 families under the auspices of “Zanan Karavar Hoora” Institute

    On the eve of Nowruz 1400 and the New Year, with the help of charities, “Zanan Karavar Hoora” Institute provided…
    18 January 2021

    Distribution of food packages among the households covered by the institute – January 2021

    In January 2021, with the help of charitable members of the “Zanan Karavar Hoora” Institute, complete food packages, including rice,…
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